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The Village Post Cover Story “When the projector started to roll, there was no sound. Sandra Oh and I made like quick little film aficionados and immediately shot out of our seats, demanding that the manager start the film again with sound. Cheryl (Hines) and Heather (Graham) covered their eyes so they'd not see another frame of the film without sound," she recalls. "We ended up getting the entire audience refunds.”

Globe and Mail Interview But that quickly turned to terror as she got out of her car. “Literally, this massive hulk of a woman came barrelling straight for me with her hand in her pocket. I remember thinking, ‘Great, if I get shot, I'm really gonna be late for my audition.’”

Pop Journalism Interview So she attended the Etobicoke School of Arts, and then received her degree in film from Ryerson. In university, she focused on art direction and production design. She also acted in 14 student films and learned what went on behind the scenes.

Fanboy Planet Interview So where might you recognize her from? Well, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is her most recent release, in which she plays one of a pair of British twins with a new take on a classic Milton-Bradley game. “But having both suffered from Lactose Intolerance, my twin (played by Brooke D'Orsay) and I felt we had sufficiently researched our roles and its implications ... but I still won.”